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About us

Welcome to Birding in Paradise Safaris Ltd


Birding in Paradise Safaris is a special interest safari company employing only knowledgeable and experienced driver cum guides in order to ensure that our clients enjoy a trip of a life time.


We are both a tour operator and film co-ordinating company based in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.


We offer the best tours in Uganda for small guided groups mostly centred around birding with uninque itineraries tailor made to meet your needs.


Birding in Paradise Safaris trips are lead by proffessional driver cum guides fluent in English with an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of wildlife spotting, identification, behavior and ofcourse general tourism.

They are not only good at that – they are also great people with whom to travel with the main aim being looking after you and your interests. Above all, Birding in Paradise Safaris being an ECO-TOURISM friendly company, it is run with much concern for conservation and the environment.


Birding in Paradise Safaris is proud to be your host for the duration of your unforgettable trip.

As ambassadors of the Pearl of Africa, we strive to meet your every need so that it is a trip of your life time. Until you are back again.



Our fleet of 4wd safari equipped vehicles are only Toyota Land Cruisers. Each safari vehicle is equipped with;

  • Guaranteed windows seats.

  • Access to the roof hatches to ensure best viewing and photography experience.

  • Power for charging - A fridge



Birding in Paradise belives in eco-tourism and believe that tourism should benefit both the tourists and the communities visited.

P.O.Box P.O. Box 24015 
Kampala, Uganda

+256 (0) 393238236

+256 (0) 772 468521

+256 (0) 772448209

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